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Surplus Sales Contact:
Phone: 316-526-7416
Fax: 316-526-2000
* Reclamation (highlighted) Contact:
Phone: 316-304-5210
Fax: 316-526-7220
Aircraft Ground Support - 17 Aircraft Ground Handling and Servicing Equipment (Maintenance Platforms, Jacks, etc.
Motive Equip - 23,39 Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Scooters, Material Handling Equipment (Warehouse Trucks, Trailers, Forklifts, Hoists, Cranes, etc.)
Machine Tools - 34 Metal/Woodworking Machinery and Accessories (Finishing, Forming, Cutting, Welding, etc.)
HVAC - 41 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Air Circulating Equipment
Pallet Racking / Shelving - 45 Pallet Racking / Shelving
Electrical Power & Distribution Equipment - 61 Motors, Generators, Transformers and Related Items
Test Equipment - 66 Electronic and mechanical test equipment: chart recorders, oscilloscopes, microscopes
Photographic Equipment - 67 Cameras, Projectors, Developers and Finishing Equipment, Misc. Audio/Visual Eq
Computing / Office Equipment - 70,74 Phone: 316-526-7444
Furniture - 71 Shop and Office
Food Preparation & Serving Equip - 73  
Waste Fuels & Oils - *91 Annual Accumulations
Kirksite - *92 Dies and Misc. Pieces
Paper, Paperboard, Rubber and Plastic Materials - 93 Annual Accumulation shipped in truckload quantities
Usable Metals - *95 Metal Bars, Sheets, Plates, Rods and Shapes
Scrap Metals - *96 Quarterly Accumulations shipped in truckload quantities
Precious Metals - *97 Includes Photographic Solutions, Film and Silver
Electrical Wire and Cable - 98  

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