What is the Investment
Recovery Group?

Who We Are:

The Investment Recovery Group is responsible for the disposal of surplus items for Spirit AeroSystems and other aviation companies in Wichita, Kansas. These items are offered to the public through the IRG website, bid sales, Ebay, Craig’s List, and other sites. The items offered include industrial and office equipment, computers and peripherals, and raw material. The Investment Recovery Group is responsible for all of the asset accountability and transfer transactions of items.


Metal Bids:

Metals Bid  16-527 3Q16 PGS - Winning Results

Metals Bid  16-517 2Q16 PGS - Winning Results

Metals Bid  16-500 1Q16 PGS - Winning Results




Asset Bids:

New Bid Sale 16-535   -  CLOSED            (To Open Soon)

Click for  Bid Invitation

Click for  Pictures 16-535


July Bid Sale 16-534  -  CLOSED      (3rd Monday of July)

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Click for  Pictures   16-534



All Other Bid Sales - Closed

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